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To "affirm" means to show a strong belief in or show dedication to something. This page is dedicated to empowering you to replace negative messages with positive messages. The power of words are meant to inspire, encourage and motivate. We hope you find the words listed below enlightening.



Take a day to heal from the lies you have told yourself and that have been told to you.
                                     - Maya Angelou

Today is a day for beginnings. Let it also be a day for renewal and healing. Let's cleanse  our minds and hearts of fears, hurts, and resentments. The past is behind us: let's learn from it and then release it.

Use this day to reflect on choices and their consequences. Use this day to forgive ourselves and to release others from long held grudges. Use this day to restore our hope and optimism so we can create a better world for our children.

Use this day to ask pointed questions of ourselves. Are we using time wisely, being true to ourselves and our purpose? Are we living honestly and humbly? Are we loving one another as we should?

Use this day to commune with spirits. Pray for joy, serenity, peace, courage, guidance, and willingness. Pray for blessings for everyone we know, including those who have hurt us. Today, let's practice the three R's: reflect, release, and renew.

I begin this new year with a loving heart and an open mind

                           Carline Brice
                            "Walk Tall"
MARCH 2012


I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.

I now choose to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts.

I am loved and I am safe.
Louise Hay

Being different in any way isn’t easy, but for my mother being a leader, or standing alone, is always better than being part of a crowd., especially the wrong crowd.

“I don’t care what everyone else is doing. You’re not everyone else’s child: you’re my child.”

To this day I live her words and thank her in my heart constantly.
                     Lavada B Nahon
                     The Gift of Self

Lavada B. Nahon

Identity: The Gift of Self


Hostility is like the stain that is left behind when tea sits too long in a cup. The inside of the cup is discolored forever and a bitter taste remains.

That’s what happens when we sit on anger too long; it discolors our view of the world.

What was once friendly is now unfriendly. What once was kind is now unkind.

Those who were on our side are now against us. Hostility is the residue of unexpressed anger.

It makes us lose our taste for life!

                        W. D. Gentry


Happiness is like a butterfly;
the more you chase it,
the more it will elude you,
but if you turn your attention
to other things, it will
come and sit softly
on your shoulder.

Today is my day for butterflies!

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